Who doesn't love spreadable delectable goodness? Because we most definitely DO..  We are Sabrina Valle and Jessica Quon, 2 gals in love with cooking, baking, jam making and the all around sweetness of life. 

Sabbs, my little Brooklyn hipster, and I have been meeting-up on weekends for years to try out new recipes and ideas, mostly at the request of family and friends. It actually took one disastrous run-in with grapes (those of you who have attempted peeling hundreds of tiny grapes should understand) to start the discussions of what is now The Jam Stand. We cleared the goopy grapey mess, successfully canned our delicious homemade peach preserves and decided to turn our hobby into something more. So here we are, The Jam Stand, ready to bring you wacky jams, chutneys and spreads like our banana + rum “drunken monkey jam” ..

More about us.. We met back when we were giddy 18 year-old college girls at the University of Florida. Who are we kidding? We are now in our mid-twenties giddier than ever!  

Miss Sabrina Valle, a native Floridian, moved to Brooklyn in 2007 and has been a retailing hustler ever since. She has experience in buying, sales and merchandising-- but really we just appreciate and love her discount!

One of her favorite things to do: TRAVEL. Last year, she went to six South American countries in just four months. She loves the Spanish language and the Incas!  

Her favorite Christmas gift this year: KitchenAid Stand Mixer to assist in the making of delicious treats in 2011. (Much thanks to a loving brother and his girlfriend)

On the other hand I, Jessica Quon, am a Las Vegas native. Sabbs refers to me as her non-profit, world traveling, social media, video-editing guru. Last year, I spent time in India teaching children and creating micro-loans for women in need. I also lived and traveled throughout different parts of Central America filming videos for a non-profit volunteer organization.

Some of my favorite things to do: Explore, Create, Learn, Dance, Smile… I like to consider myself an experiencer! :)

My favorite Christmas gift this year: Cuisinart Food Processor to help make the many delicious JamStand spreads!

Sabbs and I have lots of things in common i.e., love of food, traveling, salsa dancing, knitting, helping people… basically we are just trying to make the world a better, more delicious place and have a ton of fun while we’re at it!

Even though Sabbs is Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican and I’m Chinese, German and Romanian, we are frequently asked if we’re sisters to which we always reply, “YES!”  Just two silly sisters trying to spread the love...


By the way... If you are looking for grape jelly, we aren’t the ladies for you.


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