How exactly does a monkey get drunk these days? Well, you coat his bananas in sugar, add a splash of rum, and he becomes one saucy monkey.

Add some homemade peanut butter to the mix and your monkey will go NUTS. Okay, okay, that should cover the cheesy quota for the year… Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves!

When debating what kind of jam to venture into next, we took seasonality into account. In the cold winter months when fresh fruit is near impossible to come by, one has to be very thoughtful of their selections. Bananas are one of those rare fruits that stay fresh and delicious all year round. 

We started our jam with some just ripe bananas. None were too brown, as the natural pectin in the fruit would be too low— not allowing a proper gel.

Coat the bananas with a yummy sugar mix and let rest. 

Cook those babies up…

and Ta-Da!! Delicious drunken monkey jam!


Try it with some J+S homemade peanut butter 

…more about that in our next post

Or heat it up and pour it over a big bowl of french vanilla ice cream!

Adam loves Drunken Monkey Jam with his Vanilla Ice Cream… 


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