Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a sick obsession with peanut butter. I had a choosy mom who chose JIF. It won my heart over at an early age. And to this day, if you give me anything with peanut butter and chocolate I am in heaven. Reese’s peanut butter cups will always be one of my favorites. I foresee a chocolatey peanut spread in our near future…. 

As I have grown up a bit, I put the JIF down and have become addicted to the real deal. Peanuts and peanut oil. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

Jess and I shelled A LOT of peanuts… 

We put these beauties in the food processor with some peanut oil, salt and honey.

And blended until it was a smooth and creamy consistency.

When making peanut butter, the salty sweet ratio is dependent on the amount of salt or honey used. The consistency and thickness of the peanut butter relies on how much peanut oil is added.We think we have found the perfect combination of these few ingredients that makes one tasty peanut butter. We paired this with our Drunken Monkey Banana Jam and we were just delighted with how our taste buds reacted. I think we are going to make them both available for purchase. Nutty Monkey Spread…banana jam and peanut butter in one jar. That is just crazy talk! 

Suggestions for enjoying your J+S homemade PB: 

- Combine with J+S Drunken Monkey Jam for a delicious sandwich or just go all the way and get yourself some Nutty Monkey Spread. 

- Eat on cinnamon raisin bread (The Jam Stand will be selling homemade bread soon. This is my favorite way to enjoy some fresh PB.) 

- Put on some celery and get your crunch on…


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