We have SOLD OUT of our Drunken Money Jam and are taking requests for NEW ORDERS
E-mail us if you would like a jar and we will whip up a new batch. We will deliver in person or by mail. 

The J+S will be having a Jam Sesh this Saturday and is taking requests! 

We will be making:
- Drunken Monkey Jam
- Homemade Peanut Butter
- Nutty Monkey Spread (Banana and PB layered in a jar)
- Coconut Caramel Jam
- Small heart-shaped Red Velvet cakes topped with our Coconut Caramel Jam (perfect for Valentine's Day!!!)

We are up for all challenges! If you have a craving for something that isn't on this list just shoot us an e-mail and we do our best to make it happen!! We look forward to hearing from you-- Contact us with orders, comments, and questions. If you are interested in purchasing goodies we will send you a price list via e-mail. 

Also, if you are hosting a dinner party and want to serve our jam we will hook you up with a discount :) 

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