The Gift That Spreads the Love!

Looking for the perfect way to spread love and sweetness? Dive into our delectable range of jams, specially curated for those with a taste for the extraordinary. When you purchase our charming gift box along with four tantalizing jams, we sprinkle a little extra sweetness on top - enjoy free delivery on us!

Let the gift-giving season be jam-packed with flavor and fond memories.

(and if you are not sure what they might like, nothing says I want you to be happy like a gift card)

" Fresh, no preservatives, innovative jams served by two lovely ladies. They offer flavors like Homemade Strawberry Jam to Drunken Monkey (Sugar coated bananas, a splash of rum and a dash of lime). Definitely not what you're use to. (...) "


“ Excellent! These jams are so yummy and very different and they are full of natural ingredients…love that! My favorite was the raspberry jalapeno. It had a kick but wasn’t too spicy. I would order these again. ”


" Best jars of jam I have ever tasted. All four flavors are fantastic and taste great with crackers and bread. "